I’ll keep this nice and short. I’m giving away a huge box of shit. Good shit. Quality shit. Products from Nars, Mac, Biore, Ole Henrikson, Tarte, Lumee, Listerine, Dove etc. SO MUCH STUFF. ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS FOLLOW MY PERSONAL INSTAGRAM @CLAUDWITHNOJOB and comment something […]

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Call Me Wifey

Wow. I am literally shooketh to the core. I can’t believe I am MARRIED. I can’t believe I have a HUSBAND. I can’t believe the months of planning are behind me. I have so much free time now, how exciting! I’m so excited to finally […]

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Bridal Beauty

I can’t believe my wedding is this soon. I want to throw up, dance and go to sleep all at the same time. Shit is fucking stressful and I feel like all the last minute planning is 100% taking a toll on my skin. Ever since […]

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Hoedown Throwdown!

Birthdays are so hard, ’cause there’s always so much anticipation and they usually end up stinking, leaving you with nothing but a big hangover. And choosing how to celebrate is even harder because if you throw a big party and nobody comes, you’re a big loser. […]

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Bye Bye Billie

The couple that once made no sense, then made some sense, have called it quits – which makes no sense! Scream Queens’ Billie Lourd and her hot ass boyfriend, Taylor Lautner have officially broken up – and I’m sad! He was there for her in her […]

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Satanic Summer

Thanks to social media, and @REVOLVE specifically, there is a stigma around summer. We’re led to believe that it’s all fine and dandy. According to Instagram, summer is about traveling to Mykonos and wearing off the shoulder tops. But when you’re broke and have occasional chub rub […]

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Coachella Lookbook

Coachella weekend one has been over for almost two weeks and I am just now fully recovered. It was, as Jackie and I called it, treachella between all the walking, heat, lack of food and access to bathrooms that weren’t Porta Pottys. But all in […]

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GWNJ x Steve Harvey

I’m glad the world has finally come to recognize me as the genius that I am. Steve Harvey had me on this week to discuss a very important issue, effecting millions of Americans each year: photo editing. Watch the entire segment here: And don’t forget […]

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Hold On

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